Cradles & Building Maintenance Units

Palmer & Co can work with your BMU cradle system to clean the high-level windows outside of your building, as we do with many of the commercial and office buildings across Scotland and the North of England.

If your building has them, your access cradles will have been designed for your building and are already an investment. They’re designed to be used by commercial window cleaning firms like ours where proper use, and health and safety, is never compromised due to the training and experience of our team. Our teams carryout recorded daily pre-work checks on the BMU before use. All pre-work checks are signed off by operator and available on request.

Fully Insured

We have specialist insurance that allows us to use cradle window cleaning systems to any height as well as specially cradle trained window cleaning teams.


We probably use more cradles in Scotland than most other window cleaning companies, just because it’s where it all started for our business.

Customer Service

We can handle the maintenance of your cradles with your cradle manufacturer, on your behalf.

Health and Safety

All of our cradle window cleaning operatives are fully trained in the operation of the cradle, health and safety and self-rescue, should it ever need to be used.

Other Window Cleaning Methods

We started out with traditional window cleaning methods and now offer some of the most innovative approaches available. The best approach always depends on the buildings design, location and tasks to be completed, whilst working to the work at height hierarchy. We offer all methods in order that we can tailor a solution around your building. The one thing that won’t change is our customer service.

Truck Mounted Platforms

Powered access platforms get straight to the point quickly and safely. We own ours so we can offer you a quick and cost-effective way to work at height.

Rope Access

Rope access is one of our most popular methods. Our team are all IRATA trained, fully insured and meticulous.

Reach and Wash

Water-fed poles are one of the safest and most efficient methods of cleaning windows at lower heights. We use the best poles available for better cleaning and less wastage.

Cradle & BMU Access

Cradles are fitted to a lot of the office blocks that we look after so we are very experienced operating them for window cleaning access.

Latchway & Eye Bolts

Our window cleaning teams receive harness training, Rescue training and equipment specific training for a wide range of access equipment and fall protection systems.

Traditional Methods

When we started in 1932, it was all about a bucket, ladder, sponge, technique and customer service. Our methods have evolved but the skills remain.