Service and Maintenance

Our investment and experience in high-level access equipment means we can clean and maintain buildings of all shapes and sizes.  Preserving the condition of buildings and upholding their conservation and condition are all in a day’s work. From the essential maintenance tasks of gutter and cladding cleaning to specialist work such as glass restoration or solar panel cleaning, we have the team and the tools to do it properly. We can also arrange scaffolding, traffic management, permits and licenses.

When we are servicing your building, we are representing you so our accredited and experienced teams are not only punctual, they are well presented and know how to run the job safely and carefully. Our job tracking processes and services mean that you will always know the status of your job and have the all-important documentation for your own reporting.

Access for Maintenance

As well as carrying out the maintenance requirements for your building, we are also able to provide high level access for contractors who need access to work on hard to reach areas. We can provide you with the right truck mounted hydraulic platform for high level inspections and maintenance on your building. Regardless of the height of the building or its fabric, we will work with you to provide the most cost effective and practical solution.

Each of our truck mounted platforms are carefully driven by skilled operatives who know how to get the best out of our high spec machines after preparing them for the job according to the requirements. We can arrange traffic management on your behalf too, including managing traffic flow and/or road closures if required. As always, our team are always on hand 24/7 for any unexpected troubleshooting.

Building Preservation

All buildings need to be looked after. Proper building maintenance protects investment value. Whether you are operating a planned maintenance programme on behalf of a client or it’s an ad hoc repair, we provide maintenance services such as gutter cleaning, cladding cleaning, solar panel cleaning, glass restoration, power washing, general detritus cleaning and roof access on all sorts of buildings, from universities and historical landmarks to modern retail parks and tourist attractions. We guarantee to help you make the right choices.